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"To be able to transmit the feeling, of “oneness” through rhythm and melody is a driven, exciting and a very touching process. The bond between the Audience and the Artist is sacred. To be able to share in this relationship is a privilege..."


Good News From Africa enlightens all the positive elements that Africa has. There is the tightness of family connections, the respect for the elders of the village, the importance and respect for the river, the unity with nature, the source of all rythmic music, etc..
This concept represents two musicians. The first is Chris Joris who plays the percussion, flute, berimbau, kalimba and African mouth harmonica. The second is the singer Jean Bosco Safari. Chris and Jean are supported by three musicians (drums, keyboard and bass guitar).
It is a joyfull and touching program. You will hear an Africa full of hope and happiness without forgetting her needs. They believe that this is the only constructive way to help the growing process of this amazing continent. The French magazine JazzHot describes Chris Joris as probably the best European percussionist. Chris calls himself Tam Tam man. Its obvious that Chris represents much more: he is an extra-ordinary musician, a white wizard. Every object he touches, changes into melody, sounds and rhythm.
Chris is a master on the djembe, berimbau, likembe, okonkole, conga, etc instruments that belong to the world music. Jean is a master at mixing melodies as he entertains. Together they create a masterful mix of Good news from Africa.
Combining parts of a conventional drum, like the floortom, crash and redimbale broadens their universum by the day.
Together they create in an evening a journey throughout ethnical cultures of music with intimistic soundscapes and ecstatic soundexplosions.